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Professional Liability Insurance:-
The Professional Liability Insurance in Los Angeles, California covers two categories Errors & Omissions (E&O) and Malpractice. Where E&O provides protection against pretty much every error or mistake that you may commit in your profession, the Malpractice insurance is extremely useful for individuals in the medical field, chiropractors, surgeons, etc. The Professional Liability insurance policy protects you from the risks that you face while rendering your professional services. E&O can help lawyers, IT companies, architects, engineers, insurance agents, etc.

How does the PLI help you?
The range of insurance covers under the Professional Liability are:

Negligence – that amounts to alleged or actual negligence that may occur which includes every error, omission, incorrect advice and failure to deliver your services to the fullest

Personal injury – also inclusive of libel and slander if this was committed during the course of extending your professional services

Copyright infringement – covering damages and claims when you infringe on another owner’s content

Defense – lawsuit costs are covered

Other – coverage includes worldwide Professional Liability and losses that may arise out of temporary staff appointments and independent contractors, claims that surface due to a professional service rendered in the past and other claims and costs associated with your business.

A Professional Liability insurance does not cover property damage, bodily injury, employment matters, fraudulent acts, false advertising, patents and personally identifiable information.

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