Liquor store Business Insurance services in California

Insurance services in California can take care of your risk management, loss control, claims and captive management. If you own a business, then it is best to get a general liability insurance in California and if you own a liquor store, knowing its susceptibility to loss, it is recommended that you choose liquor stores insurance in California.

The general liability insurance covers you for a variety of claims such as property damage, personal injury and any other bodily injury that can arise from your business. For liquor store owners, the most unexpected things are bound to happen. Statistically, it may be highly unlikely that such incidents might occur to you, but you never know what could ensue.

Talk to our representatives at 818-368-7000if you need a businessinsurance in California.  Here are a few steps that you can undertake in order to claim your general liability insurance policy. Contact your insurance broker or provider when you encounter an accident.

 Check the Statute of Limitations for your state. Each state has its own Statue of Limitations and accidents for damage to your property with time applicable frames.

Review your policy: Even if you are familiar with your coverage, get all the relevant details and pass it on to the insurance provider such as your name, current contact information, the name of your business, policy number and the type of coverage that you have chosen. The insurance provider will also require details about the time when the incident was first noticed and it how it might affect your coverage. You may also have to set some funds aside for the general liability insurance’s ‘Deductible’.

A notice has to be sent to the insurance carrier if your insurance agent has not done it already. A copy of the lawsuit accompanied by the Notice of Claim should be available.

Evidence: It is absolutely essential to preserve all detailed records and evidence so that the carrier can investigate the claim. The better the records, the faster the claim gets resolved. Witness statements may also have to be collected and handed over to the insurance carrier. Communication with the injured party must always be recorded such as email exchanges, phone calls, face-to-face conversations, etc. Documenting evidence definitely requires planning and forethought. For example, if there is a CCTV installed in your business premises, take copies of all the records of the incident that might have been recorded on it.

If you are confused about your claim or status, then talk to your carrier or the representative who is handling your case. You will have to collect the following information for better clarity:

Details about what exactly is covered under your General Liability insurance policy

If your policy covers the incident

The time constraints for filing the claim

Any follow-up processes for your claim

Your legal counsel may ask you to either answer the claim by admitting or denying, dismiss the claim or settle the claim according to the situation.

Prudence recommends preparation. Have a coverage policy in place to protect yourself.

Some other policies you can opt for are commercial property liability in California or professional liability insurance in California.

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